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Learn more about Student/Family Support Services!

The mission of the Chico Unified School District Elementary School Counseling Program is to provide comprehensive and data-driven academic, career exploration, and social/emotional services to promote active lifelong learning while celebrating diversity.


At Little Chico Creek, our School Counselor and Guidance Specialist provide school-wide classroom services through three programs: Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum, ToolBox Curriculum, and Kimochis Curriculum.

(1) Second Step Violence Prevention Curriculum:

* Taught to all students in 4th and 5th grades

* Includes bullying curriculum

* Teaches social-emotional learning skills such as empathy, emotion management and problem-solving

* Aligns with the ASCA standards for student learning


(2) ToolBox Curriculum:

* Taught to all students 2nd and 3rd grades

* Supports all children in understanding and managing their emotions

* Teaches 12 simple tools for self-awareness, relationship-building, and self-management, which fosters responsible decision making.

(3) Kimochis Curriculum
 * Taught to students in Transitional Kindergarten through 1st grade


Our school counselor holds a current PPS counseling credential which authorizes her to provide individual and group counselling services. Other services also include PALS, PIP and friendship groups, which are facilitated by our guidance specialist.

PALS (Playing and Learning Solutions)

Children spend positive time in the playroom with another child. They will take charge and plan activities together. In the process, they will learn to manage their own time, develop problem-solving and friendship skills.

PIP (Primary Intervention Program)

Through non-directed play, children meet one-on-one with a Guidance Specialist on a weekly basis. The goals of the program at to enhance children's adjustment to school, reinforce a sense of each child's importance in the school setting, and to provide a safe, nurturing support system for children in school.

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