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Chico Unified School District

Elementary School and Family Compact

It is important that families and schools work together to help students achieve high academic standards.  Through a process that included teachers, families, students, and community representatives, the following are agreed-upon roles and responsibilities that we as partners will carry out to support students' success in school and in life.

Student Pledge:  I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
  • Come to school ready to learn and work hard.
  • Bring necessary materials, completed assignments, and homework.
  • Know and follow school and class rules.
  • Communicate regularly with my parents and teachers about school experiences so that they can help me to be successful in school.
  • Limit my TV watching and, instead, study or read every day after school.
  • Respect the school, classmates, staff, and families.

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Family/Parent Pledge:  I agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of my ability:
  • Provide a quiet time and place for homework, and monitor TV viewing.
  • Read to my child or encourage my child to read every day (20 minutes K-3, and 30 minutes for grades 4-5).
  • Ensure that my child attends school every day, gets adequate sleep, and proper nutrition.
  • Regularly monitor my child's progress in school.
  • Participate at school in activities such as school decision making, volunteering, parent training workshops, and/or attending parent-teacher conferences.
  • Communicate the importance of education and learning to my child.
  • Respect the school, staff, students, and families.

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School Pledge:  We agree to carry out the following responsibilities to the best of our ability:
  • Teach classes through interesting and challenging lessons that promote student achievement.
  • Endeavor to motivate students to learn.
  • Have high expectations, and help every child to develop a love of learning.
  • Communicate regularly with families about student progress.
  • Provide a safe and caring learning environment.
  • Participate in professional development opportunities that improve teaching and learning.
  • Actively participate in collaborative decision making.
  • Consistently work with families and school colleagues to make schools accessible and welcoming places for families.
  • We will strive to help each student achieve the school's high academic standards.
  • Respect the school, students, staff, and families.

Little Chico Creek Elementary School    August 15, 2022
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